New Spill Response Products Available

Dalton International continues to expand its range of spill response products and we are pleased to announce the launch of 5 new spill response products.

Smaller vehicle spill kits

We’ve responded to customer demand with a smaller, more compact spill kit bag for some of our most popular vehicle spill kits. The new tubular shape is just 23cm in diameter and 74cm long, making ideal for squeezing behind seats. What’s more the new bags are made of extra tough hi viz orange PVC making them extra durable. The new bags are in use with the following vehicle spill kits: SK25, SKO25, SKO50.

UNI-SAFE chemical binder

UNI-SAFE chemical binder is perfect for use on almost any liquid chemical as it will not react even with highly reactive chemicals such as nitric acid, oleum, hydrofluoric acid, chlorosulfonic acid, bromine, sulphuric acid and hydrogen peroxide. It turns liquids into a non-flowing gel that is easy to pick up. UNI-SAFE also acts as a fume barrier and emissions blocker and changes colour to indicate the pH level of the spill. UNI-SAFE is available in 500ml shaker bottle or as part of our new SpillTech Lab Kit.

Plug ‘n’ Dike

Nontoxic bentonite/polymer mix is an ideal tool to have on-hand to plug accidental leaks in containers, drums and tanks. It works with fuels, solvents, and many other chemicals and will quickly seal to even dirty and crumpled surfaces. Available in 650g tubs.

SpillFix Universal Absorbent

The ultimate eco-friendly absorbent made from 100% natural, renewable and sustainable coir peat (coconut fibre). SpillFix is naturally inert and can be used to clean up fuels (petrol, diesel, AV gas), mineral and vegetable lubricants, cutting fluids, cooking oils, solvents, water based chemicals, pesticides & herbicides, mild acids and corrosives and liquid organic waste. This versatile and effective absorbent is available in 15L and 50L bags.

Nitrile Drain Mat

Nitrile rubber drain mats are an economic way of slowing spills for going down the drains. The 1.5mm nitrile rubber is compatible with a wide range of chemical and hydrocarbon spills and can be deployed in seconds to limit the volume of a spill reaching stormwater. Available in 2 sizes, 600mm x 800mm and 1200mm x 1000mm. Nitirle drain mats make a great addition to spill kits.