Emergency Showers & Eye Washes


Emergency Showers & Eye/Face Washes

Dalton International offers a range of Emergency Showers and Eye/Face Washes. We stock the largest range of safety showers, eye wash stations and portable eyewashes in New Zealand.

All Dalton International plumbed showers are made from stainless steel for a long service life and are manufactured to comply with A4775 and ANSI Z358.1 for emergency eyewash and shower equipment.

We also carry a full range of spare parts, signage and test kits to ensure your emergency shower or eye wash station performs to the required standard.

Choose from a wide variety of models to meet your specific needs including:


Gravity Fed Eyewash

Out of StockSE5000

$ excl gst

Free Standing Safety Shower

Out of StockSE253

$ excl gst

Water Additive

Out of StockSE4764

$ excl gst

Test Sock with Handle and Receptacle

Out of StockSE950

$ excl gst

Thermal Protective Cover

Out of StockSE600TC

$ excl gst

Emergency Shower Sign

Out of StockPS2P

$ excl gst

Emergency Eyewash Sign

Out of StockPS3P

$ excl gst

Emergency Shower & Eyewash Sign

Out of StockPS6P

$ excl gst

Spare Parts For Showers & Eyewashes

Out of StockSpares

$ excl gst