Chemical Suits

MICROCHEM® limited life chemical suits are designed to provide both comfort and protection against a wide range of inorganic, organic and biological hazards. The combination of unique barrier fabrics including the MICROCHEM® 3000, 4000, 5000 and CFR along with innovative suit designs, competitive pricing and comprehensive product support make the MICROCHEM® range difficult to beat.

Don't take chances when working with chemicals. Check that the chemical suit you wear is an effective barrier against the chemicals you could be exposed to. A good place to start is with MICROGARD's permeation database (available here) or give us call and we'll help you make the right choice.



Out of StockM23P-Y-S

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MICROCHEM 3000 Chemical Coverall

Out of StockM30-Y-M

$ excl gst

MICROCHEM 4000 Apron

Out of StockM40-215-M

$ excl gst

MICROCHEM 4000 Chemical Coverall

Out of StockM40-G-M

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MICROCHEM 4000 Model 122

Out of StockM40-GS-S

$ excl gst

MICROCHEM 5000 Chemical Coverall

Out of StockM50-O-M

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MICROCHEM 5000 Coverall 151

Out of StockM50-OR-L

$ excl gst


Out of StockMCFR-R-M

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