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Stoko Skincare
Stoko Skincare

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E.A.R. Tracer Reusable Ear Plugs

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MICROGARD 1500 Coverall Red

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About Us

Our vision is to be New Zealand's leading provider of safety solutions for businesses working with hazardous substances. We represent some of the world's premier brands in this field including: UltraTech Spill Containment and Stormwater Management; Pratt Dangerous Goods Cabinets, Gas Cages, Safety Showers and Eyewashes; Microgard Chemical Protective Coveralls; SpillTech Spill Response Kits and Absorbents, STS Shigematsu Respirators and Clean Air Powered Air.

In addition, we offer a wide range of safety products such as high visibility vests, disposable gloves and clothing, first aid kits, Peter Greven Skin Care, Sqwincher re-hydration drinks and Cancer Society Sunscreen.

For product pricing, further information about products or to find your nearest distributor, drop us an email at or call us on 0800 003 934.

Latest News

Battling Stormwater Bacteria

Bacteria is all around us and has become a large focus for Stormwater for obvious reasons. Thousands of types of bacteria can be found in stormwater, but the most toxic types associated with stormwater are faecal matter contamination. This can be caused by either animal waste, or even by human waste as a result of a sewage overflow or just stormwater runoff from sites knows to contain faecal matter. Coliform bacteria, also known as E-Coli is a bacteria found in the intestines of warm blooded animals, and common in stormwater.

Campylobacteria is another dangerous bacteria that can be found in stormwater, and is a result of faecal matter from birds and livestock. Campylobacteria, another form of bacteria that can be found in stormwater is able to survive in saltwater, thus can affect fish and other sea life and seafood. Pseudomonas bacteria is one of the most abundant bacteria in urban stormwater runoff and can cause swimmer's ear. Strepticocci and staphylococci are common in the intestines of warm blooded animals and humans as well, and is not harmful unless it is exposed to skin, cuts or mucus membranes. It is very difficult to treat and also can be common in urban runoff areas.

Discharging water-soluble antimicrobials or disinfectants is not acceptable by the EPA as a solution, as they would have an adverse effect on aquatic life by contaminating the streams and surface waters they drain into. The Ultra-X-Tex Anti-Microbial, or X-Tex AM, fabric was developed by covalently bonding an antimicrobial nano-structure to its fibres that will not leach or dilute from the fabric, even after repeated washings. The patented antimicrobial can be utilized in stormwater catch basins products such as our Ultra-Drain Guard Ultimate Model, or as a custom solution based upon various applications. The X-Tex AM fabric works on microorganisms by molecular physical penetration, electrostatic attraction and electrocution. This physical, rather than chemical reaction is thus not harmful to good bacteria or other animals and sea life. The antimicrobial spectrum is specific to single cell organisms such as bacteria, fungi, yeast and algae.

For more information about X-Tex AM and how it may help you solve your stormwater bacterial problem, give Dalton International a call.

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SureShield™ Brand Set For Growth

Some of you will know that for several years SureShield™ has been the name of the Breathable Laminate coveralls available from Dalton International. 

Recently, we’ve been looking for a brand to cover our full range of disposable protective apparel including coveralls, sleeve covers, shoe covers, aprons, lab coats, ponchos, caps and beard covers.

After considering a range of potential brand names we’ve come to the conclusion that nothing gets across the feeling of ‘Protection’ and ‘Assured Quality’ like the name “SureShield™”.  So over the coming months you will begin to see the SureShield™ brand grow to encompass all of our disposable protective apparel. 

As part of the transformation we’ll also be upgrading our packaging to better represent the quality of the brand.  The improved packaging not only looks more professional it also better communicates the benefits of the products as well as the technical information your customers expect to see.

New Logo

With the expansion of the SureShield™ brand we’ve also updated the logo which you can see on the left.

Staged Rollout

New packaging will be upgraded over the coming year with the first product available in the new style being our range of SureShield™ coveralls:

As new packaging comes online we'll keep you informed via our monthly newsletter and website.

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Find out how to get HSNO compliant at the the National Safety Show

Dalton International will be displaying the UltraTech range of spill containment and SpillTech range of spill response products at the show this year.  Come along and see the latest solutions for your business.  Look out for us at stand S124.

When it comes to storing hazardous substances, having adequate secondary containment doesn’t just help you meet your HSNO requirements, it also makes good business sense.  These days secondary containment has developed way beyond a simple spill pallet and now solutions are available to meet a wide range of specific needs. 

One problem that many companies face is properly containing drums and IBCs stored outside.  Standard spill pallets simply fill with rainwater and permanent structures with a roof and containment are often expensive to build and may require resource consent or planning approval. What’s more, once built they are difficult to scale up if the business expands and can’t be moved should the business relocate.

To overcome these problems UltraTech developed a range of Ultra-Hardtop portable containment units. Being portable, these units are ideal in a variety of situations, for example, when storage only needs to be temporary or the location of storage needs to change.

The Ultra-Hardtops are constructed from 100% polyethylene so they won’t rust or corrode. They have built in containment, extra tall head space for drum funnels and pumps and swing-out doors that allow for easy access for forklifts. Plus they’re easily secured with a standard padlock.

These products and more, will be displayed at the National Safety Show so come and see us on September 21st & 22nd.

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New Spill Response Products Available From Dalton International

Dalton International continues to expand its range of spill response products and we are pleased to announce the launch of 5 new spill response products.

Smaller vehicle spill kits

We’ve responded to customer demand with a smaller, more compact spill kit bag for some of our most popular vehicle spill kits. The new tubular shape is just 23cm in diameter and 74cm long, making ideal for squeezing behind seats. What’s more the new bags are made of extra tough hi viz orange PVC making them extra durable. The new bags are in use with the following vehicle spill kits: SK25, SKO25, SKO50.

UNI-SAFE chemical binder

UNI-SAFE chemical binder is perfect for use on almost any liquid chemical as it will not react even with highly reactive chemicals such as nitric acid, oleum, hydrofluoric acid, chlorosulfonic acid, bromine, sulphuric acid and hydrogen peroxide. It turns liquids into a non-flowing gel that is easy to pick up. UNI-SAFE also acts as a fume barrier and emissions blocker and changes colour to indicate the pH level of the spill. UNI-SAFE is available in 500ml shaker bottle or as part of our new SpillTech Lab Kit.

Plug ‘n’ Dike

Nontoxic bentonite/polymer mix is an ideal tool to have on-hand to plug accidental leaks in containers, drums and tanks. It works with fuels, solvents, and many other chemicals and will quickly seal to even dirty and crumpled surfaces. Available in 650g tubs.

SpillFix Universal Absorbent

The ultimate eco-friendly absorbent made from 100% natural, renewable and sustainable coir peat (coconut fibre). SpillFix is naturally inert and can be used to clean up fuels (petrol, diesel, AV gas), mineral and vegetable lubricants, cutting fluids, cooking oils, solvents, water based chemicals, pesticides & herbicides, mild acids and corrosives and liquid organic waste. This versatile and effective absorbent is available in 15L and 50L bags.

Nitrile Drain Mat

Nitrile rubber drain mats are an economic way of slowing spills for going down the drains. The 1.5mm nitrile rubber is compatible with a wide range of chemical and hydrocarbon spills and can be deployed in seconds to limit the volume of a spill reaching stormwater. Available in 2 sizes, 600mm x 800mm and 1200mm x 1000mm. Nitirle drain mats make a great addition to spill kits.

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