New Major Hazard Facility Fees & Levies

This article is to advise you that the Government has now implemented regulations for fees and levies regarding WorkSafe New Zealand’s oversight of the major hazard facilities (MHF) regime and these will come into effect on 1 September 2016.

The regulations introduce fees for 5-yearly safety case assessment and approval (and renewal) for upper tier MHF and annual levies covering WorkSafe’s regulatory oversight for both upper and lower tier facilities.

The fees and levies are banded into types of facility that are less or more complex to administer; for the safety case fees, there is a discount for multiple facilities with the same operator and safety management system.  The majority of MHF operators will pay less than was proposed in the discussion document.

MBIE will shortly update its website to provide background information on the development and content of the major hazard facilities fees and levies:

WorkSafe will communicate directly on fees and levies with all major hazard facility operators; its website will also be updated to include more details about the fees and levies.

Here is the link to the government legislation website:

(Please note that the Amendment Regulations will automatically amend the MHF Regulations on 1 September 2016, but you are able to see the new fees and levies prior to that in the Amendment Regulations.)

Contact details for MBIE are:

 MBIE Health and Safety Policy

15 Stout St Wellington