Dalton International has developed a range of Dangerous Goods Storage Cabinets, Gas Cages and Emergency Eye Washes and Showers for businesses working with hazardous substances.

Our range of Dangerous Goods Cabinets are designed and manufactured to comply with the relevant Australian / New Zealand standards and includes:

  • Flammable Liquid Storage Cabinets (Class 3.1)
  • Corrosive Substance Cabinets (Class 8)
  • Toxic Substance Cabinets (Class 6)
  • Oxidising Agent Cabinets (Class 5.1)
  • Organic Peroxide Cabinets (Class 5.2)
  • Class 4 DG Cabinets (Class 4.1, 4.2, 4.3)

Gas cages are available for the storage of aerosols, forklift gas cylinders, LPG bottles and G-sized cylinders.

Emergency Eye Washes and Showers are a must for any business working with corrosive substances.  These can be wall mounted or free standing and are manufactured to meet or exceed the Australian / New Zealand standard A4775. 

Gravity Fed Eyewash

Out of StockSE5000

$ excl gst

G-Size Cylinder Cage - Large

Out of StockPSGC18V

$ excl gst

Mixed Forklift/ G Size Cage

Out of StockPSGC8F9V

$ excl gst

Manifest Cabinet With Lock

Out of StockPHAZCAB

$ excl gst

Emergency Procedures Holder

Out of StockPHAZG

$ excl gst

SDS Soft Pouch Wall Holder

Out of StockPHAZH

$ excl gst

SDS A4 Binder

Out of StockPHAZBIND

$ excl gst

Oily Waste Cans

Out of Stock1401R

$ excl gst

Class 4 Dangerous Goods Cabinet - 100Kg/L

Out of StockDIL5535AC4

$ excl gst

Free Standing Safety Shower

Out of StockSE253

$ excl gst

Water Additive

Out of StockSE4764

$ excl gst

Test Sock with Handle and Receptacle

Out of StockSE950

$ excl gst

Thermal Protective Cover

Out of StockSE600TC

$ excl gst

Emergency Shower Sign

Out of StockPS2P

$ excl gst

Emergency Eyewash Sign

Out of StockPS3P

$ excl gst

Emergency Shower & Eyewash Sign

Out of StockPS6P

$ excl gst

Spare Parts For Showers & Eyewashes

Out of StockSpares

$ excl gst