Battling Stormwater Bacteria

Bacteria is all around us and has become a large focus for Stormwater for obvious reasons.  Thousands of types of bacteria can be found in stormwater, but the most toxic types associated with stormwater are faecal matter contamination. This can be caused by either animal waste, or even by human waste as a result of a sewage overflow or just stormwater runoff from sites knows to contain faecal matter. Coliform bacteria, also known as E-Coli is a bacteria found in the intestines of warm blooded animals, and common in stormwater.

Campylobacteria is another dangerous bacteria that can be found in stormwater, and is a result of faecal matter from birds and livestock. Campylobacteria, another form of bacteria that can be found in stormwater is able to survive in saltwater, thus can affect fish and other sea life and seafood. Pseudomonas bacteria is one of the most abundant bacteria in urban stormwater runoff and can cause swimmer’s ear. Strepticocci and staphylococci are common in the intestines of warm blooded animals and humans as well, and is not harmful unless it is exposed to skin, cuts or mucus membranes. It is very difficult to treat and also can be common in urban runoff areas.

Discharging water-soluble antimicrobials or disinfectants is not acceptable by the EPA as a solution, as they would have an adverse effect on aquatic life by contaminating the streams and surface waters they drain into. The Ultra-X-Tex Anti-Microbial, or X-Tex AM, fabric was developed by covalently bonding an antimicrobial nano-structure to its fibres that will not leach or dilute from the fabric, even after repeated washings. The patented antimicrobial can be utilized in stormwater catch basins products such as our Ultra-Drain Guard Ultimate Model, or as a custom solution based upon various applications. The X-Tex AM fabric works on microorganisms by molecular physical penetration, electrostatic attraction and electrocution. This physical, rather than chemical reaction is thus not harmful to good bacteria or other animals and sea life. The antimicrobial spectrum is specific to single cell organisms such as bacteria, fungi, yeast and algae.

For more information about X-Tex AM and how it may help you solve your stormwater bacterial problem, give Dalton International a call.