For many workers, their hands are their most valuable tool. Using the correct glove for the situation will mean workers' hands are protected for the hazards they encounter on job including abrasions, cuts, chemicals, heat and cold, or dirt and grime.

Dalton International works with manufacturers in China, Malaysia, and the USA to create gloves designed to protect workers in a wide range of situations.

Our “handplus+” range includes:

  • 1. Disposable gloves such as latex, high risk, nitrile, vinyl and PE in both low powder and powder free.
  • 2. Household and light duty gloves such as silverlined and poly-cotton.

The “handplus+” brand stands for quality, reliability and value. If you want to offer gloves to your customers then you need to talk to Dalton International.

Dalton International also offer a range of speciality gloves from Ergodyne including thermal gloves, dorsal protection gloves for oil rigs and antivibration gloves.


HandPlus+ Latex Gloves - Low Powder

Out of StockLPG101

$0.00 excl gst

HandPlus+ Latex Gloves - Powder Free

Out of StockLG003

$0.00 excl gst

HandPlus+ Latex High Risk

Out of StockLHPS

$0.00 excl gst

Black Dragon Nitrile Gloves - Powder Free

Out of StockNTBS

$ excl gst

HandPlus+ Nitrile Gloves - Low Powder

Out of StockNT001

$0.00 excl gst

HandPlus+ Nitrile Glove - Powder Free

Out of StockNT005

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HandPlus+ Clear Vinyl Gloves - Low Powder

Out of StockVG113

$0.00 excl gst

HandPlus+ Blue Vinyl Gloves - Powder Free

Out of StockVGBPF02

$0.00 excl gst

PE Vet Gloves

Out of StockVET

$0.00 excl gst

Polycotton Glove

Out of StockHPC-09

$0.00 excl gst

Yellow Silverlined Gloves

Out of StockHGS-BRC1Y

$0.00 excl gst

Blue Silverlined Gloves

Out of StockHGS-DPL4B

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