Ultra Drain Guard Plus - Curb Insert Style


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  • Keep sediment, hydrocarbons and other pollutants out of the stormwater system. 
  • Specially designed to fit into curb and channel cesspits. 
  • Additional pocket and adjustable tension rod allows the Drain Guard to protect the curb opening as well as the stormwater drain. 
  • Large sediment accumulation pocket holds up to 18kg of silt, sediment and rubbish as well as 5L of oil and grease. 
  • X-Tex inserts sewn into the accumulation pocket increase oil removal performance. 
  • Built-in overflow ports avoid flooding in heavy rain events. 
  • Sewn-in, lift-out straps make removal easy and prevent the Drain Guard from falling into the inlet. 
  • One size fits most drains. 
  • Simply lift grate, insert Drain Guard and replace grate to hold Drain Guard in place. 
  • Trim excess fabric if desired. 
  • Drain Guards are made from a polypropylene geotextile. 
  • Dimensions: 1,220mm x 910mm x 460mm 
  • Performance: Removes up to 5L of oil and 18kg of sediment.